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Meet S.L. Michaels

Who is S.L. Michaels? How did it all begin?

Being a 90's kid, many, many, many moons ago before the Internet, Cell Phones, and Netflix, I grew up reading books from the American Girl Collection, The Magic Attic Club, & Wishbone Classic Series.

I wasn't much into writing, until, fast-forward to my mid-twenties post-breakup, that I discovered a world of fan-fiction that I wanted to dabble into this world, and the rest is history.

My favorite genre is contemporary romance, but every now and then I like to mix it up with a little more angst, emotion, suspense, and fantasy. But mostly, I just really like to tell a story that will make the reader fall in love with not only the characters, but the story.

One thing I know for sure is that I am blessed. And grateful. For everyone that I have met during this journey and for the amazing readers.


  1. Loves Coffee (Anything with French Vanilla Creamer)
  2. Favorite Authors are, Max Monroe & Melanie Mooreland
  3. Still has high hopes of one day one of her books will be on the big screen.