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Kissed By Fire

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Will their love be rekindled or will their tumultuous past put an end to any chance of mending the broken pieces?

As journalist Jessica Morgan and fireman Denver Reed, aka The Phoenix, grapple with the explosive emotions of their tumultuous relationship, fear and longing lurk in the shadows.

When Jessica's devious schemes to capture Denver's story on film are threatened, her desperate efforts to salvage their bond leads to a shattering betrayal that results in a devastating loss.

With her dreams slipping through her fingers Jessica is consumed by regret and desperation. But with courage as fiery and resilient as any Phoenix, she won't accept defeat and fights for a chance to redeem herself and honor Denver's heroic spirit in her project.

In this incendiary saga of romance, danger, and redemption witness an inferno that blazes brighter than ever before and discover the remarkable courage that blooms from the ashes of true love.